Pure2Improve ab board

Pure2Improve ab board

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The Pure2Improve Ab Board is a great piece of exercise recovery equipment to be within workouts.

The ab board is 30cm x 28cm x 9.5cm and designed with a black bottom base with red foam grip spikes on top.

The ab board gently relieves pressure and increases flexibility whilst also being able to support your back through sit up and core workouts.

Prevents back pain

Tight muscles can cause a decrease in your range of motion. When this happens, your muscles become less flexible and can become more prone to injury. So, through stretching the abdominal and lower back muscles, this can be prevented.

Increases flexibility

Some muscles can lose their flexibility after repeated workouts, which can alter your posture and put additional pressure on your spine, so through stretching them out after a workout will help increase flexibility!

Prepares your body for exercise

Through using the Pure2Improve Ab Board performing dynamic stretches, it allows your abdominal muscles to warm up and to get prepared for the activity ahead. What this allows is for a reduce risk of injury but also an increase in performance!